Man suffers burns after flaming liquid thrown at him on New York subway | US News

A man had a cup of flaming liquid hurled at him, igniting his attire, in an unprovoked assault on the New York subway, police report. The episode occurred in lower Manhattan on Saturday afternoon, resulting in the man’s shirt catching fire and causing burns to roughly a third of his body.
The 23-year-old was recuperating in a hospital, and the suspect was apprehended, police stated. Speaking to the New York Post, the victim revealed he protected his fiancee and cousin from the incendiary liquid and slapped himself to extinguish the flames. He described that the assailant possessed a cup and “created fire and tossed it all.”
The suspect, a 49-year-old man, was detained shortly after police traced a phone he allegedly pilfered from another subway passenger to his whereabouts, officials reported. Authorities also charged the individual in relation to a comparable fiery attack on the subway in February.

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These incidents include the death of a man pushed onto the tracks in East Harlem in March.

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