Lizzo reacts to South Park storyline: ‘I showed the world how to love yourself’ | Lizzo

Lizzo has conveyed pride upon witnessing a South Park episode dedicated to her, stating: “I genuinely showed the world how to love oneself.” The artist recorded herself viewing the installment of the longstanding satirical comedy titled The End of Obesity, which includes a plot where listening to her music is recommended as a substitute to costly new weight-loss medications like Ozempic. In a dry-humored introduction to the video, she remarked: “Folks, my worst nightmare has materialized: I’ve been referenced in a South Park episode.”

In the snippet she views, a commercial for the treatment highlights its advantages: “Lizzo makes you feel good about your weight … 70% of patients on Lizzo no longer cared … Lizzo aids you in eating everything you desire and keeping physical activity to a minimum.”

The entertainer has consistently championed self-acceptance, embracing her physique with revealing attire and lyrics, and performing with a squad of plus-size dancers. She has previously criticized society for its treatment of overweight individuals, telling the Guardian in 2018: “People don’t know how to love themselves, because they were trying to emulate whatever [corporations] were marketing to them.”

Contrary to the South Park jest, she has also promoted physical activity, often recording her own exercise routines and celebrating it in the song Fitness.

The South Park segment isn’t particularly favorable to her music, suggesting that side-effects of listening to it might include “literally excreting out of your ears.”

However, after viewing the clip, Lizzo declared with pride: “I’m truly that bitch. I genuinely showed the world how to love oneself and not give a fuck, to the extent that these men [South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone] in Colorado know who the fuck I am, and featured it on their cartoon that’s been around for 25 years … I show you how to not give a fuck and I’ll persist in showing you how to not give a fuck.”

In March, she elucidated to the New York Times how her perspective has progressed beyond the phrase “body positivity”, stating: “The concept of body positivity, it has shifted from the outdated mainstream notion. It has matured into body neutrality … My body is nobody’s concern.”

She has long endured harmful remarks about her weight, and in March lamented “being the target of the joke every single time because of my appearance.”

Lizzo is also currently confronting two lawsuits from former staff members who claim sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and a hostile work environment, allegations she denies.

Attorneys for Lizzo have labeled one of the lawsuits “a sham, ludicrous publicity stunt”, while Lizzo herself described the other as featuring “sensationalized accounts … from ex-employees who have previously admitted publicly that they were informed their conduct on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional.”

In February, a judge rejected Lizzo’s motion to dismiss one of the lawsuits, a decision which Lizzo has since appealed.

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