Lightning strike kills Colorado rancher and 34 head of cattle | Colorado

A lightning bolt claimed the life of a Colorado rancher and 34 head of cattle over the weekend, according to authorities.Mike Morgan, 51, was providing food to his cattle from a trailer when he was struck and passed away on the spot despite resuscitation attempts, stated the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.The strike occurred on open pastureland outside the town of Rand, approximately 80 miles (129 kilometers) northwest of Denver, reported George Crocket, the county coroner.The lightning also knocked out around 100 head of cattle that had gathered around the hay-loaded trailer, remarked Crocket. “All but the 34 stood up again,” he mentioned.Morgan’s father-in-law and spouse were nearby but survived the incident, informed Crocket.The occurrence left the small, close-knit community, where nearly everyone knows each other, in shock, Crocket added.

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