Joe Biden makes shocking revelation about Donald Trump

President Joe Biden addresses Donald Trump’s actions. — Reuters 

On Saturday, US President Joe Biden made an astonishing disclosure about his opponent Donald Trump, who is gearing up for a confrontational election in November, accusing him of being fixated on a falsehood.

Donald Trump, the former president, exited the White House in haste in 2021 following his electoral defeat to Joe Biden of the Democratic Party. The septuagenarian member of the Republican Party is now navigating through legal challenges, including one related to the alleged incitement of his followers to besiege Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

During a private fundraising event in Seattle, the octogenarian Biden remarked to the press: “It’s evident that … when he suffered a defeat in 2020, something in him broke.”

“His preoccupation with the 2020 loss is not his only concern; his behavior has become erratic. Just consider the claims he’s been propagating,” said Biden, commenting on Trump’s unsubstantiated assertions of election fraud.

Various legal confrontations plague Donald Trump, including four indictments. — Reuters

Biden went on to state that he anticipates a hard-fought battle against the billionaire Trump, who is currently entangled in a variety of legal complications — with 91 criminal counts, four indictments, and a current trial for payments made clandestinely in New York City.

Obama’s former vice president, now serving as the oldest president of the US, highlighted recent opinion surveys and optimistically commented: “We are encouraged by the current campaign trend, knowing well that it’s a neck and neck race.”

CNN polls released on Saturday indicate that Trump is marginally leading the race, sustaining a support rate of 49% in contrast to Biden’s 43%.

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