Iranian protesters express ‘joy’ over death of President Ebrahim Raisi in helicopter crash | World News

Citizens who have opposed Iran’s government have openly expressed celebration following the demise of President Ebrahim Raisi, who had earned the moniker “The Butcher of Tehran”.

During an interview with Sky News’ The World With Yalda Hakim, several people from Iran shared their sentiments under the veil of anonymity due to fear of reprisals from the state machinery.

One activist, now forced into concealment, insinuated that Sunday’s tragic event—resulting in the fatalities of both Raisi and the country’s top diplomat—may have been orchestrated.

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Emergency teams make their way to the scene of the helicopter crash

It is widely speculated that Raisi was a prime candidate to succeed Supreme Leader Khamenei. It’s possible that certain powers were against such an outcome,” said the hidden protest organizer.

“Overall, this development is exceptionally positive.

“To be candid, the only event in the past five years that has brought me true joy is the news of Raisi’s passing.”

Ebrahim Raisi speaking at a conference in Azerbaijan. Photo credit: Reuters
Ebrahim Raisi during an event. Photo credit: Reuters

Raisi’s leadership witnessed significant civil unrest following the death of Mahsa Amini, who was taken into custody for allegedly infringing the strict dress code regulations.

The United States has condemned Raisi for having “blood on his hands,” branding him systematically oppressive over four decades.

In a noteworthy move in April, Iran proceeded with the execution of a drone and missile offensive targeting Israel.

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Citizens across the nation mourn the passing of their president

A 23-year-old university attendee, who has partaken in several demonstrations, voiced: “Raisi’s death has brought a wave of happiness across the Iranian populace.

“People were seen distributing sweets on the roads, and there were joyous exchanges of smiles amongst us.

“It goes to show how much his passing meant to the people.”

The passing of former Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has elicited a ripple of exultation across communities.

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The impact of Raisi’s demise on Iran’s future remains uncertain

Dominic Waghorn - Diplomatic editor

Dominic Waghorn

International affairs editor


Inside Iran, reactions to Yalda Hakim’s segment on The World depict a mix of revelry and sober awareness surrounding the president’s funeral.

A single leader’s demise doesn’t herald the collapse of a regime; a harsh truth for the vocal Iranians and the multitudes they stand for. They abhor a leader under whose rule severe repression led to lives lost on the streets and countless suffering in detention.

Nevertheless, the president’s death does bring a glimmer of hope to the Iranian populace.

Comparisons are drawn between Iran’s theocracy and the faltering Soviet Union. The nation faces an ideological void, and its citizens no longer subscribe to its doctrine, made all the more distasteful by the crushing of the ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ demonstrations. The regime remains forceful but how and when it might crumble is unpredictable.

Iranians yearn for liberty while their government seeks control. This dichotomy is unsustainable.

Raisi was a figure of particular capabilities, a fervent ideologue, and one familiar with the workings of Iran’s judiciary and presidency. His death leaves a void in the regime’s succession plans which could weaken its structure, especially during the eventual transition following Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s death.

While Raisi’s absence might not prompt immediate change, it could accelerate the regime’s ultimate unraveling.

A woman, victimized for her involvement in the ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ movement, expressed: “The widespread disdain for this regime is an open truth.”

“Raisi’s demise signals that the anguish inflicted upon our community can reverberate back onto them.

“Regarding Raisi’s passing… I feel joyous.

“Although I never wish death upon anyone, this individual failed our nation and was responsible for the premature end of numerous young lives.”

In response to Raisi’s death, Matt Miller, a spokesperson for the US State Department, remarked that Raisi “participated in a range of appalling human rights violations, notably his involvement in the summary executions of countless political detainees in 1988”.

“Some of the gravest human rights infringements occurred during his presidency, notably towards Iranian women and girls,” he added.

Miller noted that the US stance towards Iran “remains consistent” in light of Mr Raisi’s death.

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