Huge 160mph crash at Monaco Grand Prix halts Formula One race | World News

An enormous collision involving Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen forced a halt to the Monaco Grand Prix during the first lap.

The calamity also involved Nico Hulkenberg, Magnussen’s teammate at Haas, yet all involved drivers emerged without injury.

Starting 16th, Perez’s vehicle was thrust into the barrier after making contact with Magnussen’s Haas car.

Such was the intensity of the crash that Perez’s Red Bull suffered severe damage, with three of its wheels being shorn off.

Remarkably, Perez did not require a trip to the medical center, though the extensive debris on the track led to a suspension of the race.

The incident, which resulted in a stoppage of the race, was examined by the stewards who elected not to pursue further action. The Grand Prix later resumed after a brief interval.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Magnussen expressed his expectation that Perez would have provided more space, stating: “In my perspective, I had established my position and was then squeezed towards the wall.”

Action shot of Haas’ Kevin Magnussen and Red Bull’s Sergio Perez at the race’s commencement. Pic Reuters

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Hulkenberg shared with Sky Sports: “It was typical of an opening lap racing mishap.

Both drivers held their ground, expecting the other to yield in the confined streets of Monaco, resulting in an unfortunate tangle with me as collateral.”

Additionally, Carlos Sainz of Ferrari and McLaren’s Oscar Piastri were involved in a separate incident at the race start, which resulted in damage to Sainz’s car.

The involvement of Sainz was reviewed, and the stewards concluded there was no need for any further action.

Elsewhere, Esteban Ocon was issued a 10-second time penalty due to a collision with Alpine teammate Pierre Gasly during the first lap. As Ocon retired from the race, this penalty may be applied to a future event.

The victor of the eventful race was Charles Leclerc, driving for Ferrari.

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