Here’s what Donald Trump destroyed and Joe Biden didn’t

An economic analysis by Mark Cuban highlights the differences between Trump and Biden’s economic results (L). — Reuters 

On Friday, criticism was directed at former US president Donald Trump for undermining what was once a robust economy, while praise was given to current President Joe Biden for his efforts to maintain economic growth.

Mark Cuban, a renowned billionaire and investor, pointed out the economic downturn under Donald Trump’s administration.

In a post on X, a social media platform, Cuban shared a chart depicting a full year of positive real wage growth in the United States.

The 65-year-old stated: “Just look at this graph and try denying that your preferred leader fell short of the thriving economy handed over by Obama and let go of all the positive wage growth established at the beginning of his term.”

The chart offered a comparative view of the year-over-year economic data during the tenures of Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden.

Heres what Donald Trump destroyed and Joe Biden didnt
A comparison of the economic performances under Joe Biden and Donald Trump presented by Mark Cuban. — Reuters

An objection quoted by The Hill countered Mark Cuban’s assessment, noting Trump’s term didn’t experience any negative wage growth.

“It is incongruent to laud Biden’s ‘wage growth’ due to the uptrend and concurrently disregard the absence of wage decline during Trump’s presidency,” the critic claimed.

According to the article, before the continuous 12 months of real wage increase—where wages surpassed inflation—Biden’s administration faced 25 consecutive months where real wage growth was negative.

“I simply showcased the graph without additional insights,” Cuban explained. 

“What can’t be disputed is that Obama and Biden took over during the Great Recession and COVID-19, both era-defining challenges, and managed to set the economy on an upward trajectory over time.”

“The president in between received a flourishing economy and in terms of wage growth, he weakened it,” he further noted. “Doesn’t this chart convey that message clearly?” 

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