Genevieve Meehan: Parents will ‘never forgive’ nursery worker who killed baby girl | UK News

The bereaved mother and father of an infant have expressed that they will “never be able to forgive the heartless nature” of the childcare worker found responsible for their daughter’s death.

Kate Roughley, 37, was convicted of manslaughter due to negligence after an event that occurred on May 9, 2022, at the Tiny Toes nursery in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport.

The court was told that the infant passed away from suffocation due to a combination of stressful factors, after the nursery’s assistant manager put her face down, swaddled her tightly, secured her to a bean bag, and covered her with a blanket.

Genevieve’s father, John Meehan, articulated the family’s anguish as his spouse, Katie Wheeler, was visibly moved, following the court’s decision on Monday.

Kate Roughley was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Pic: Photographer/Agency

“We are filled with an unending sorrow due to Kate Roughley’s uncaring acts,” declared John.

“We had placed our trust in her to look after our child, yet she prioritized her own convenience and selfish motives over our daughter’s wellbeing.

“Our daughter was treated with brutality and disdain. Even after realizing her actions, she could have taken accountability, sparing our family the agony of this trial.

“Yet, she chose not to act honorably. Throughout, she has fabricated stories, attempted to shift blame, and has not shown an ounce of regret for Genevieve’s passing. Her trial apologies were as hollow as they were offensive.”

Genevieve Meehan
Pic provided by the family via Greater Manchester Police

The family described through a statement with the Greater Manchester Police how Genevieve “delighted in laughter, playing with her favorite tambourine, savoring spaghetti bolognese, and spending quality time with her elder sister”.

They continued: “Our deepest desire is to hold her in our arms, where she belongs, and to see her dressed for school this September, ready for preschool.”

“Instead, we find ourselves in a situation we could have never imagined on that day in May when we left her at nursery, a place we believed was safe and nurturing.

“The anguish of her absence is immeasurable.”

The trial revealed that Roughley neglected Genevieve’s cries and evident distress and showed intermittent and cursory concern for her over the span of one hour and thirty-seven minutes, up until she discovered the child lifeless and ashen.

Roughley, who was in charge of the sleep arrangements that day, contended in Manchester Crown Court that she placed Genevieve on her side and that the child’s face was always visible. She stated she had no inkling the child was in any distress.

On Monday, the jury, comprising six men and six women, unanimously reached a verdict and found Roughley, from Heaton Norris, Stockport, guilty of manslaughter.

Prosecutors emphasized that the fatal incident was the result of an “extremely dangerous sleeping environment” crafted by Roughley, putting Genevieve in life-threatening peril.

Peter Wright KC noted that the child’s desperate struggle was apparent, but her cries, thrashing, and squirming went repeatedly and systematically unheeded.

Kate Roughley. Pic: PA

The tragedy unfolded in an environment that prosecutors say was made perilous by Roughley’s actions. Pic: PA

Genevieve Meehan. Pic: Family handout via PA
Pic: Family handout via PA

Roughley’s minimal attention to safety checks and the welfare of Genevieve was noted as inadequate.

An unexplainable and troubling antagonism toward the young girl became evident through additional footage from May 5 and 6.

Genevieve was treated harshly by Roughley, being referred to as “stress head” and at one point Roughley said: “Genevieve go home. Why must you be so noisy and relentless? Please, switch it up.”

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“Genevieve was supposed to return to her family that day, and it was due to Kate Roughley’s conduct that she did not,” Detective Inspector Charlotte Whalley stated outside Manchester Crown Court.

“My team, in collaboration with the CPS and local authorities, has been committed from the start to deliver some semblance of justice for the family… and we will persevere in our support for them,” she added.


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