General election: Sir Keir Starmer to tell voters ‘I will fight for you’ in first major campaign speech | Politics News

Sir Keir Starmer will utilize his first significant address of the election campaign to declare to voters: “I will fight for you.” The Labour leader will acknowledge that numerous people have not yet decided how they will vote on 4 July despite being “tired of the failure, disorder, and division of the Tories.”
He will acknowledge that many “still have inquiries about us” and will be pondering whether Labour has “transformed sufficiently” and if they can be relied upon with the economy, immigration, and security.
“My response is yes you can – because I have transformed this party. Permanently,” he will state. “This has been my driving goal since the beginning. I was resolute to change Labour so that it could serve the British people.”

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Sir Keir will allege Rishi Sunak of governing to placate sections of the Tory party, not for the entire nation. Follow live general election updates

Security will take center stage of the election campaign. Pic: PA

He will emphasize security in his address as the prime minister aims to outdo Labour after revealing a new national service program for 18-year-olds. Sir Keir will assert Labour has transformed under his leadership and is prepared to meet the “core tests” the British populace set for the government – economic security, border security, and national security. “Make no mistake, if the British people grant us the chance to serve, then this is their core test. It is always their core test,” he is expected to declare. “I haven’t worked for four years on this, just to halt now. This is the foundation, the bedrock that our manifesto and our initial steps will be built upon.” Ahead of his address, in southeast England, Sir Keir released a video showcasing his childhood home and photographs of his parents, disclosing his family faced financial hardship at times and had their telephone disconnected. Appealing to people grappling with the cost-of-living crisis, he mentions he understands what they are enduring and knows what it is like to struggle to make ends meet. “I grew up working class, I’ve been fighting my entire life, and I won’t stop now,” he states in the video.


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Throughout his speech today, he will also underscore how he has fought to transform the Labour Party since taking the helm. He will state: “There are always individuals who say, don’t do that, don’t proceed so rapidly.” “However, whenever I encounter a fork in the road, it consistently circles back to this: the golden thread: country first, party second.” He will also declare the policies his party is advancing are “a new direction for our nation, a plan that will turn the page, deliver stability and change.”

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Echoing his shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, he will also assert all their policies are “feasible, fully-funded and ready to implement.” “A clear direction, not the persistent spinning around that successive Conservative governments have imposed on our country,” he will conclude.

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Responding to the address, Richard Holden, the Conservative Party chairman, stated Sir Keir “doesn’t say anything” in it. “Sir Keir Starmer has led Labour for four years but has failed to present a clear strategy to secure Britain‘s future,” he said.

“All he has managed to accomplish is to break the 10 promises he made when he vied for the leadership and create a £38.5bn deficit in his spending promises, meaning Labour would have to increase taxes by £2,094 on every hardworking household. The choice is clear: adhere to the plan that is functioning and take decisive action for a safer, more secure future with Rishi Sunak. Or, revert to square one with Sir Keir Starmer and the same old Labour Party.”

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