First lady Jill Biden issues stark warning for US citizens

First Lady Jill Biden shares her concerns over potential Trump re-election. — Reuters

The spouse of President Joe Biden and First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, has spoken out to the nation, emphasizing the significant implications should her husband not secure a victory in the upcoming November 2024 presidential election.

The 72-year-old educator also shared her insights about the consequences of a possible Donald Trump presidency, highlighting the impact it could have on the nation.

Addressing an audience at the annual spring conference for the United Federation of Teachers in Manhattan, Jill Biden expressed: “I have always been convinced that Joe would serve as an outstanding president for our educational system.”

She went further to critique former President Trump by stating, “Trump seems to start his days with a focus solely on one individual – himself.”

Jill Biden views Donald Trump as a potential risk to US educational standards. — Reuters

Jill Biden continued, “Donald Trump has no desire to bolster our public schools; rather, he aims to dismantle them. Imagine a scenario where public institutions are stripped of their funds and privatized, where the collective voice of teachers is reduced to a whisper, and where the freedom to teach is curtailed by censorship and book bans. This is not reflective of America’s values; we do not stand for book banning.”

Employing the support of teachers’ unions is a recognized strategy of the Democratic Party, one that Jill Biden effectively applied that Saturday to garner backing for President Joe Biden, as reported by the New York Post.

This statement by the First Lady was issued a mere five days before Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a campaign event in the South Bronx, which will be his first in the state where he was born since the year 2016.

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