Donald Trump’s video makes him look unreal

Donald Trump’s youthful days showcased in newly published Truth Social clip. — X/@LauraLoomer

A fresh video has emerged on the social media platform, Truth Social, depicting former US president Donald Trump’s younger days with the song Back in the New York Groove playing in the background. This video was unveiled by Trump’s team shortly before the Republican’s South Bronx event. Trump’s footage was also shared on X platform, previously known as Twitter, as a journalist extended best regards for the GOP’s assumed nominee. The caption accompanying the video stated: “President Trump just shared this on Truth Social! He is genuinely an Icon. I can’t imagine anyone watching this video and not Adoring this man. I adore him, and I am willing to do anything to support this individual. He is undoubtedly unique.” Another user on X expressed a prayer: “Lord, please shield Donald Trump and restore him to office to lead us with YOUR righteous hand and make America great.” As per an Axios report, Donald Trump received a warm reception from residents in the Democrat vicinity majorly consisting of black and Latino admirers. While speaking at the rally, the indictment-challenged Trump stated: “New Yorkers possess something called common sense… and traditional common sense is precisely what I advocate to restore to the White House.” “We are going to refurbish New York’s subway system so it ceases to appear as if it hasn’t been cleaned since 1932,” Trump assured.

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