Donald Trump’s son Barron gives ‘commitments’ more value over father

 The Office of Melania Trump has announced Barron’s decision to decline delegation duties. — AFP/File

Barron Trump, the youngest offspring of ex-President Donald Trump, has chosen not to take part in the upcoming Republican National Convention as a delegate representing Florida, as per a report by Fox News.

At 18 years of age, Barron, who is the son of 77-year-old Donald Trump and 54-year-old ex-First Lady Melania Trump, has opted out of the role of Florida’s delegate at the RNC.

A representative for Melania Trump’s office informed Fox News that Barron “regretfully declined” the opportunity to join the delegate roster.

“Barron has great respect for the honor of being selected as a delegate by the Florida GOP, but will not be able to participate due to previous engagements,” the spokesperson said in the statement.

The RNC, set to take place from July 15 through July 18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is where Trump is anticipated to be validated as the GOP’s official candidate to contest against President Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

The delegate assembly from across the states will formally nominate their preferred presidential candidate for the upcoming November elections.

An official list shared earlier by the Florida Republicans included various members of the Trump lineage as potential delegates, such as Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump, and Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is Donald Jr.’s partner.

Barron Trump previously resided in the White House during his father’s tenure, but the family has maintained a vigilant shield over his public exposure.

It is noted that Ivanka Trump, the former president’s eldest daughter and ex-senior advisor in the White House, did not appear on the delegate list.

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