Conservatives admit sending email critical of own MPs ‘in error’ | Politics News

The Conservatives have acknowledged inadvertently sending out an email that reportedly criticized MPs and ministers for failing to “support” the party’s election effort. Personnel at Tory headquarters alleged some MPs were concentrating excessively on ministerial duties and stated that some were declining to knock on doors or were away on holiday, The Times disclosed. The document was mistakenly emailed to MPs by a senior official involved in the campaign, the publication reported. Politics live: Sunak defends ‘audacious’ national service strategy. Reacting, a Conservative Party spokesperson mentioned: “The email was dispatched in error and promptly retracted. Those who received it have been reached with an apology”. Party insiders stated not all the data in the memo pertained to general election campaigning, as sections of the document highlighted previous issues.

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Rishi Sunak has encountered several hindrances in the initial days of the campaign, including getting soaked in Downing Street while unveiling the election and inquiring voters in Wales whether they were anticipating the Euro football championship when their national team had not qualified.
Some of the issues highlighted by the Times include an allusion to the Plymouth Moor View MP Johnny Mercer, where a problem with “MP cooperation” was mentioned.

Sarah Atherton, the MP for Wrexham, was accused of “declining to participate” with a notice stating she “intends to cancel this week’s campaigning sessions”. Sky News has reached out to both MPs for feedback. A Liberal Democrat source noted: “This humiliating leaked memo highlights even Conservative MPs are declining to back Rishi Sunak’s flawed campaign”.

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