Brother of Israeli soldier taken hostage by Hamas says last seven months have been ‘a nightmare’ | World News

The sibling of an Israeli soldier captured on October 7th, with the harrowing abduction caught on video just recently released, described the past seven months as “a living hell for our family”.

During an interview with Sky’s The World With Yalda Hakim, Amit Levy, the older sibling of 19-year-old Naama, expressed distress saying the audio from the video “causes me deep pain”.

Naama Levy was among five female soldiers seized by Hamas in an early morning abduction from their outpost on October 7th.

Stationed at the Nahal Oz observation post, these women were tasked with monitoring movements along the Gaza frontier.

The beginning of the video shows several members of the group bruised and wounded, all bound at the wrists.

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Surveillance captures the abduction of Israeli soldiers by Hamas

Latter segments of the video show the hostages being rushed from the premise, with one stumbling and another being borne away.

Concerned relatives made the decision to publicize the edited video on Thursday to urge the Israeli government into action.

Mr. Levy implored: “Some of the [captives] might still be rescued. This is the reason we made this video public — to remind the world not to forget.”

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He disclosed that his parents avoided the video for several weeks “because the emotional toll was too high”.

No sign of life has been received by the family since November, when former hostages noted Ms. Levy’s condition as “less than ideal”.

Her brother remains hopeful, stating: “We cling to hope, firmly believing in my heart that she’s still alive and that there’s a chance to save her. We hold onto the hope that she’s still with us.”

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