Benny Gantz: Israeli war cabinet member threatens to resign if Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t adopt new plan for Gaza | World News

An influential figure within Israel’s specialized war cabinet, Benny Gantz, has given a stark ultimatum, suggesting he may step down from his position should the government fail to embrace a novel approach to the Gaza conflict.

This declaration represents a growing fracture in Israel’s governing body, persisting for over half a year since the hostilities commenced.

Despite Israel’s efforts, the objectives of neutralizing Hamas and recovering numerous captives taken during the October 7 onset have yet to be met.

Gantz, who has historically contended with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for political power, is now promoting a detailed six-point strategy. His proposal demands the liberation of hostages, the overthrow of Hamas’s control, stripping the Gaza region of armaments, and instituting an international governance system for local civil issues.

Furthermore, Gantz is advocating for diplomatic strides towards normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia.

He has drawn a line in the sand, stating his intent to resign on June 8th should his strategy be disregarded.

Such a resignation could have significant implications, possibly making Netanyahu more dependent on ultra-conservative partners who assert tough stances on truce and hostage discussions, and who are proponents of a full-scale reoccupation of Gaza and the reestablishment of Israeli settlements.

“Choose the route of extremists, and lead our nation into the depths, and you will force our hand to vacate our government roles,” Gantz cautions.

The centrist Gantz became a member of Netanyahu’s coalition and took a seat at the war cabinet table as the conflict was in its infancy.

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