Bear shot dead after attacking 15-year-old in Arizona cabin: “Not many kids can say they got in a fight with a bear”

A black bear was shot and killed by Arizona fish and game officers after it entered a residence through an open doorway and harmed an adolescent in a mountainous community near the New Mexico border, wildlife officials reported. The 15-year-old adolescent, named Brigham Hawkins by his relatives, sustained injuries to his face and arm when the bear struck him, and he received medical treatment at a hospital following the late Wednesday incident in Alpine, according to the state Game and Fish Department.His mother, Carol Hawkins, informed KPHO-TV in Phoenix that the bear attacked her child while he was alone watching television.

“Never in our wildest imaginations did we anticipate (a bear) would enter the residence,” she informed the station.

Teen recuperating after bear assault in eastern Arizona cabin, mother says— azfamily 3TV CBS 5 (@azfamily) May 26, 2024

Carol Hawkins mentioned her other son heard cries and rushed to help. Wildlife officials mentioned the bear re-entered the home a second time before finally escaping.

“Not many youngsters can claim they fought with a bear and emerged victorious,” Carol Hawkins wrote in a Facebook post that included an image displaying lacerations on her son’s nose and arm. Carol Hawkins did not reply to a Facebook message on Saturday from The Associated Press. Wildlife officers located and shot the bear, which officials believed to be approximately 3 years old, and it would undergo testing for diseases by department experts.”Thanks to the quick response by his brother and his family, they managed to divert the bear from what could have rapidly become a true disaster,” AZ Game and Fish Department Law Enforcement Supervisor Shawn Wagner told KPHO-TV.The teenager was transported to a nearby hospital with injuries to his face and arm and has started the rabies treatment as a preventive measure but is anticipated to recover.

“Everyone who came to assist him received a big thank you from him, so he’s handling the situation well. And he will be alright,” Carol Hawkins told the station. The attack was the 16th bear-related incident involving people in the state since wildlife officials began maintaining records in 1990, including two that were deadly, the department noted.A 66-year-old individual was killed nearly a year ago after being attacked at a campsite in the Groom Creek area south of Prescott and approximately 100 miles north of Phoenix.

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