Barron Trump graduation song awkward for Donald Trump?

Joyful moment for Donald and Melania Trump at Barron’s graduation event. — Reuters/Marco Bello

Barron Trump, the youngest son of Melania and Donald Trump, has marked a significant milestone by graduating at 18, with the ceremony’s musical selection prompting some raised eyebrows.

Typically, the strains of Pomp and Circumstance are a common auditory backdrop for graduates as they proudly collect their diplomas during such ceremonies, a detail noted by Nicki Swift.

Yet, it remains unclear if this classical piece graced Barron Trump’s graduation, as an eclectic playlist set the mood, leading to some potentially uncomfortable moments for the Trump family.

Video footage shows Donald Trump and Melania in eager anticipation as Barron approaches the stage, with Pompeii by Bastille discernible in the background.

Upon initial hearing, the song choice might seem innocuous, but its significance becomes more apparent given the tension between Bastille’s messaging and Donald Trump.

Melania and Donald Trump listen to Bastille’s “Pompeii” at Barron’s graduation ceremony

In 2016, Bastille unveiled a track titled “The Currents,” which many interpreted as a commentary on individuals like British politician Nigel Farage and indeed Donald Trump.

Dan Smith, the band’s frontman, described the song in an interview with the Huffington Post as: “It’s about anyone who leverages any platform or speaks out, whether that’s an overheard rant at a local bar from someone whose views are shockingly outspoken, or someone expressing themselves on a more public stage.”

Despite the potential for the song selection to cause discomfort for the Trump family, they appeared to focus on celebrating Barron’s academic achievement.

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