Australian city building new £2.8bn airport to deal with overtourism

Sydney working on new airport to cope with increasing number of tourists. — Penrith City Council

One of Australia’s most famous cities, Sydney, is set to undergo a significant overhaul of its transport infrastructure to accommodate the increasing number of foreign visitors.

Sydney is a popular tourist destination, attracting millions of domestic and foreign visitors annually, Express UK reported.

The city is home to Australia’s most renowned cultural icon, the Sydney Opera House, and beautiful beaches such as Bondi Beach.

To cater to the growing number of tourists, local authorities are planning to build a second airport since the current one is facing capacity issues.

According to Express UK, the new Western Sydney International Airport will cost £2.8 billion and cover an area of 1,780 hectares, and will be built in two principal phases over several years.

The first phase will involve constructing a two-mile-long east-west runway, a domestic and international terminal that can accommodate up to 10 million passengers annually.

It will also feature a public plaza, shops, restaurants, cafes, and parking facilities with a capacity for 11,500 cars.

The airport will be linked to the local transport network via the city’s M123 motorway, making it easily accessible for passengers.

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