Why Hailey Bieber waited five years to have kids with Justin Bieber

Since tying the knot in 2018, Justin and Hailey Bieber have been a power couple.

Insights reveal that Justin and Hailey Bieber carefully considered the timing to expand their family.

It’s been shared that Hailey, at 27 years of age, placed importance on the couple having time to themselves prior to embracing the roles of mother and father.

The joyful news of Hailey’s pregnancy was confirmed on May 9, as the pair posted pictures on their Instagram accounts showing Hailey lovingly holding her noticeable baby bump during their vow renewal ceremony. This pregnancy announcement arrives after the couple celebrated their fifth year of marriage. The renowned Baby singer is set to be a first-time dad.

A source speaking to Us Weekly conveyed that motherhood has been a lifelong aspiration for Hailey and that the arrival of this moment is a realized dream. She has harbored ambitions for motherhood since the inception of their union but was intentional about not rushing the process. The insider expressed that keeping the pregnancy under wraps was challenging, as Hailey was eager to go public with the news. Now that the announcement is made, Hailey is overjoyed and confident in Justin’s abilities as a father.

The founder of Rhode beauty had additional reservations with respect to parenting. In a candid May 2023 conversation with The Sunday Times, Hailey disclosed the anxiety she feels concerning the prospect of motherhood, stating, “It brings me to tears constantly! The desire for children is strong, yet the fear is palpable. I’m accustomed to receiving comments about my spouse and friends; the thought of having to protect my child against similar scrutiny is daunting.”

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