Victoria Beckham fears son Brooklyn becoming David Beckham 2.0: Report

Photo: Brooklyn Beckham and potential parallels with David Beckham’s life spark Victoria Beckham’s concern, reports suggest.

According to sources, Victoria Beckham is uneasy about the possibility of her son Brooklyn and his wife Nicola Peltz facing similar challenges in their marriage as she and David Beckham have experienced.

Notably absent from Victoria Beckham’s milestone 50th birthday photos was the Lola actress Nicola Peltz, sparking conversations among followers.

In a subsequent Instagram post, Nicola addressed her nonappearance by explaining that she was spending time with her grandmother, away from the festivities.

Nevertheless, this explanation is rumored to have caused a strain in Nicola’s relationship with Brooklyn. 

An informant recently confided to Heat Magazine about Victoria’s concerns regarding the tensions brewing within Brooklyn and Nicola’s relationship, stating, “Having gone through similar situations with David, Victoria finds it incredibly trying to witness her son face comparable troubles.”

They continued, “The spotlight is something they’ve had to come to terms with, and even though this public scrutiny was anticipated, it’s still hard for her to watch. Victoria is confident, though, that Brooklyn has the strength to navigate these challenges.”

The source also commented on Victoria’s past disagreements with Nicola, noting that in the midst of this marital strain, Victoria is stepping up as a supportive mother-in-law to the actress.

“Victoria has been there for Nicola, offering guidance and encouragement. She’s advised her to overlook the detractors and to move past the negativity, focusing instead on her close circle and remembering the strength of her and Brooklyn’s relationship,” the insider concluded. 

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