Tom Cruise loses major spot in L.A.’s scientology community?

Photo: Is the star’s role in the L.A. Scientology community diminishing?

It appears that Tom Cruise may no longer hold his prominent position within Los Angeles’s Scientology scene.

The superstar actor, often seen as a standout in the realm of cinema, seems to be drifting away from the core of his spiritual circle owing to a shift in dedication.

“Tom only pops into L.A. once in a blue moon and was once the cornerstone of the church’s social events and facilities in Hollywood and Los Feliz,” confided a source familiar with the actor to In Touch Weekly.

The informant elaborated, “those days are gone” as Tom now shows stronger ties to the Scientology community in Florida.

“His appearances in L.A. are tied to professional commitments in the film industry and when it comes to practicing Scientology, he tends to do so in Florida, assuming he does,” articulated the informant.

The confidante also indicated that Tom no longer enjoys mingling with the Scientology members in Los Angeles as before.

The reason being that most of those connections are “tangled with show business or are still seeking success.”

“His interests lie beyond what he used to do. Yet, his diminished presence has certainly deflated the once vibrant Scientology circuit in L.A. which was his stronghold,” the insider observed.

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