Sean “Diddy” Combs apologizes for alleged attack seen in 2016 surveillance video

Entertainment mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs expressed regret after a surveillance video broadcasted by CNN, suggesting his violent encounter with Cassie at a Los Angeles hotel corridor in 2016, came to light. He described his past conduct as indefensible, accepting “full responsibility” for the incident.

Addressing his followers via social media on Sunday, Combs conveyed his remorse through an Instagram video, stating he felt “disgusted” about his previous actions.

“Looking back at the most challenging periods of your life is never easy, yet it’s sometimes necessary,” Combs remarked on Instagram. “I had hit my lowest point — and I’m not making any justifications for my behavior in that video. It’s unacceptable, period.”

CNN’s release of the video on Friday added to the ongoing string of accusations against Combs involving physical and sexual misconduct.

In the footage, Combs, adorned in just a white towel, seems to be striking and kicking the R&B artist who was under his mentorship and whom he dated for an extended period. The video also allegedly captured Combs forcefully pushing and hauling Ventura and heaving a vase toward her.

The date-stamped video from March 5, 2016, bears a close resemblance to an incident reported at the InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles’ Century City, as stated in Ventura’s November legal action against Combs. The litigation claims Combs perpetrated years of sexual abuse and violence.

According to the lawsuit, Combs provided the hotel with $50,000 in exchange for the security footage. While CNN did not disclose the source of the video, it confirmed the filming location by comparing the video to public images of the InterContinental Hotel.

Although Combs had previously countered the lawsuit’s allegations, it wasn’t until Sunday that he or his team publicly addressed the video content.

“I fully acknowledge my behavior in that video,” Combs admitted on Sunday. “I was appalled back then, and I remain so today. Consequently, I pursued professional help, engaging in therapy and rehab. I pleaded for God’s forgiveness and mercy. I deeply regret my actions and am committed to being better every day. I’m not seeking pardon; I’m genuinely sorry.”

As for legal action, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office remarked on Friday that they were informed of the video. Despite the distressing nature of the content, they cited statute limitations as a reason they could not pursue assault charges.

Representing Ventura, an attorney released a statement to CBS News, criticizing Combs’ apology for being self-focused rather than showing concern for his victims.

“Combs vehemently denied the accusations when Cassie and others presented them, insinuating a monetary motive behind their claims,” commented Meredith Firetog, a partner at Wigdor LLP. “His belated ‘apology’ following the discrediting of his denials is a desperate attempt to salvage his image. His words lack sincerity and will persuade no one.”

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