Queen Camilla tells King Charles ‘doing too much’ could set him back

Concern as Queen Camilla Advises King Charles to Pace Himself

Queen Camilla has expressed concerns over King Charles’s eagerness to dive back into his royal responsibilities.

Constantly standing by her 75-year-old spouse, who is currently facing a cancer battle, Her Majesty is reportedly anxious that he isn’t taking enough time to recuperate between engagements.

An insider shared with Mirror: “She’s been subtly suggesting that he take things more slowly.”

The source continued: “Despite her gentle nudges, he’s keen to press on, but she fears that his packed schedule might hinder his recovery.”

Another informant commented: “The King shows no signs of downshifting. On the contrary, his resolve seems to have intensified to accomplish as much as possible.”

An additional confidant remarked: “Realistically, he needs to reduce his pace, but as those close to him will attest, that’s unlikely to happen. He’s prepared for this role for 70 years, and now that he’s ascended the throne, he’s committed to serving with all his might for as long as he’s able.”

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