Princess Eugenie, Beatrice take big step to avoid split in royal family

Royal Sisters Act to Preserve Family Unity

Despite the discord within the royal family, Prince Harry maintains a warm relationship with his cousins, Princess Eugenie and Beatrice.

It has been observed that the royal sisters were notably missing from the recent celebration of the Invictus Games’ decade-long journey, an event held at St Paul’s Cathedral last week. Harry extended invitations to various royal family members.

A royal insider recently revealed why Princess Beatrice and Eugenie chose to steer clear of Prince Harry’s Invictus Games celebration in the capital.

Royal Sisters Act to Preserve Family Unity

In a conversation with GB News, royal analyst Richard Fitzwilliams clarified that the princesses would only partake in such events with the endorsement of the reigning monarch.

The royal pundit expounded: “It’s unlikely that Beatrice and Eugenie would have shown up because that would imply a divide within the Royal Family.

“Had any royals appeared, it could have been misconstrued as a form of fragmentation. This is why,” he explained, “it would be unusual for Beatrice and Eugenie to attend such a function without the King’s blessing.”

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