Princess Diana’s brother rekindles King Charles’s old sorrows

Princess Diana’s sibling Charles Spencer is opting for a similar route as King Charles for a sorrowful personal decision. As reported by The Times of the U.K, the 9th Earl of Spencer has enlisted attorney Fiona Shackleton – the same lawyer that the reigning monarch secured for himself during his split with the former Princess of Wales in 1996. Charles Spencer retained the same lawyer his erstwhile brother-in-law, King Charles III, utilized during his divorce from Princess Diana. Charles and Diana parted ways in 1992 after 11 years of matrimony, with their divorce being finalized a year before she perished in a Paris car accident. Conversely, Spencer confirmed his separation from his third spouse Karen Gordon last week after a 13-year union. Affirming the divorce news to the Daily Mail on Saturday, he expressed, “It is profoundly sad. I solely wish to dedicate myself to all my children and grandchildren, and I hope Karen finds happiness in the future.” The divorce confirmation with Karen follows their announcement of the split in April to the Althorp estate staff, the same location where Diana died in a car accident in August 1997.

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