Prince William thinks Prince Harry no longer lives or exists

Prince William’s Perception of Prince Harry’s Presence Questioned

It is suggested that Prince William lives as though Prince Harry is no longer part of his life.

There appears to be an assumption that Prince William conducts his life ignoring the existence of his brother, Prince Harry.

Royal expert and author Tom Bower has highlighted these assertions in a recent discussion with OK magazine.

In an interview, Bower addressed the strain in the royal family dynamics, stating, “The recent U.K. visit by Harry seems to have had no positive impact on mending family ties – with glaring indications that he was overlooked by both his father and brother.”

He further emphasized the tension by revealing, “Even though diagnosed with cancer, King Charles claims his schedule is too full to meet with his son.”

Bower pointed out, “Meanwhile, Prince William doesn’t seem to find the need for justifications,” adding to the perceived estrangement.

Ultimately, Prince William seems to be embracing a silent stance, as if Harry has vanished from his life, according to Bower. “His lack of response is tantamount to treating Harry as though he has ceased to exist.”

In summing up his insights, Bower mentioned, “While there’s an absence of direct condemnation from either party, the quiet on William’s end speaks volumes.”

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