Prince William needs large belts of stimulants and drinks amid competing priorities

Amidst his responsibilities as a husband, father, and royal, Prince William faces the need to re-evaluate his commitments

Prince William contends with the challenges of his multiple life roles

There is growing concern that Prince William may resort to energy-boosting measures to maintain his simultaneous focus on family life with Kate Middleton, their children, and his royal duties.

This issue has been highlighted by royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser.

In her latest article for, Elser discusses the demanding nature of royal engagements, even referencing Princess Anne’s robust schedule despite her advanced age.

Elser states, “Barring Princess Anne acquiring a sudden preference for high-energy drinks and stimulants, one wonders how much longer she and the other senior members of the royal family will be able to sustain such demanding paces.”

Against this background, Elser says, “We must consider Prince William and his current crossroads, as he navigates the demands of his family and the monarchy.”

“The royal family is in desperate need of the Prince of Wales, just as he is acutely needed by the Crown. It’s hard to fathom how he can maintain a balance between these pressing obligations,” she adds.

Elser concludes by dismissing the trivial debate of scotch over whiskey. In her view, “What William really may be reaching for is a hefty mix of both in a tall glass, perhaps with a second one on standby — and possibly a third.”

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