Prince William, Kate Middleton love spread like ‘wildfires’ during Scotland days

The blossoming of William and Kate’s love during their time in Scotland echoed far and wide.

In an intimate conversation, Prince William and Kate Middleton reflected on the early days of their affectionate relationship.

The Prince of Wales reminisced about the initial chapters of his enduring partnership with Kate Middleton, which began at the University of St Andrews, in a heart-to-heart interview.

Recounting to Tom Bradby for ITV, William shared insights about their transition from friends to partners: “Initially, we were just housemates along with a few others, and our friendship took a natural turn. As we spent more time with each other, shared more experiences, things just developed between us.”

A source close to the couple also shed light on the pivotal moment at a university gathering that signaled a change in their relationship dynamic.

According to them : “Their paths crossed with a kiss that evening.”

They recollected: “Tucked away in the corner of the common area, I happened to notice them. Amidst the dim lighting, the bustling crowd, and the throbbing beats of the music, most feigned inattention; yet, after that night, the news spread through St. Andrews with the urgency of a flame catching wind.” 

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