Prince William has ‘no room in his soul’ to worry about Harry, says expert

Prince William Feels Unburdened by Concerns Over Prince Harry, Claims Specialist

Amidst speculation that he’s worried about Prince Harry’s unauthorized royal tour in Nigeria, Prince William is reportedly too preoccupied with his own responsibilities to entertain such thoughts.

Royal commentator Jennie Bond suggests that the future King has his hands full dealing with his own domestic challenges, including attending to his wife, the Princess of Wales, and caring for their three children, thus Harry hardly crosses his mind.

The notion that William was perturbed by Harry and Meghan Markle’s successful Nigerian visit has been dismissed by Bond, asserting that William’s focus lies elsewhere.

For William, there’s simply “no vacancy in his heart or mind to fuss over” Harry, Bond articulated, intimating that Harry has become somewhat irrelevant in William’s life.

In a discussion with Times Radio, Bond conveyed, “With the weight of his wife’s battle with cancer, his duties as a Prince, his children’s upbringing, and his father [King Charles]’s legacy to uphold, it’s unlikely he has any emotional capacity left to concern himself with his distant brother.”

“In essence, William has emotionally distanced himself from Harry,” she alleged.

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