Prince Harry’s lawyers rush to protect from ‘stigma’ in law enforcement row

Attorneys for Prince Harry Take Action to Shield Him from Potential ‘Stigma’ Amidst Public Safety Dispute

Attorneys representing Prince Harry have taken legal measures to prevent his confidential documents from being disclosed to the public.

These documents are associated with ‘public safety’ and involve his immigration status. The concern is that public access to these documents could lead to unwarranted ‘stigma.’

This latest legal maneuver was revealed just as the documents were scheduled for release and follows the initial request by The Heritage Society.

The controversy stems from Prince Harry’s previous admission of drug use, which critics argue could have impacted his immigration application if known during the process.

The 53-page court document asserts Prince Harry’s entitlement to privacy, addressing the judge’s queries concerning the “privacy interest the government claims on behalf of the duke.”

Prince Harry’s attorney, John Bardo, emphasized to the court, “Your Honour, many of these are public safety records.”

He continued, highlighting the potential damage to reputation from being connected to such records and explained that they also cover “confidential public safety procedures and tactics.”

A Los Angeles-based immigration attorney weighed in, highlighting the ambiguity of ‘public safety records,’ noting it could refer to various agencies, and pointed out the unconventional nature of the term ‘stigma’ in this context. “The usage of ‘stigma’ is atypical and not commonly associated with standard visa proceedings, which raises questions about what could be in Prince Harry’s records that might invoke a ‘stigma’ upon release,” they said as reported by The Daily Mail.

The lawyer added, “We can only speculate about the contents until the records are made available to the public.”

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