Prince Harry’s gotten crossed off every royal list there is

The Royal Rift Deepens: Prince Harry Excluded by the Royal Family

There’s growing concern that Prince Harry may find himself ostracized from all royal circles as King Charles and Prince William distance themselves from him.

Noted royal expert Christopher Andersen shared his insights with the New York Post, detailing the widening gap between the Duke of Sussex and the royal family.

Andersen casts light on the profound isolation Harry is experiencing from his relatives, emphasizing the severity of the family’s detachment.

He said, “The royal strategy seems to be one of complete disengagement with Harry, choosing to overlook him to avoid any unrest during pressing times for the monarchy.”

“It’s a particularly poignant situation,” Andersen adds, “since apathy, rather than hatred, signifies the true antithesis of love.”

“The King and his heir don’t give much thought to Harry’s overseas engagements, even when joined by Meghan,” Andersen observes.

He also notes, “Their bonds to places like Africa aren’t a bone of contention for the royal family.”

In summary, Andersen acknowledges that, although Prince Harry may have been sidelined by Charles and William due to various issues, his international travel, even with limited media presence, is not among those reasons.

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