Prince Harry’s ‘bad publicity’ dilemma with Royal Family laid bare

Prince Harry is confronting an issue in his strained relationship with The Firm

Prince Harry reportedly feels like his visits to the United Kingdom have turned into a “constant headache,” as he receives negative press both for visiting and not visiting the nation. During his most recent visit, Harry couldn’t meet his cancer-stricken father due to the King’s schedule. Harry’s spokesperson mentioned: “It’s regrettable but not possible due to His Majesty’s packed itinerary. The Duke is, of course, understanding of his father’s schedule and various priorities and hopes to see him soon.” Royal commentators then asserted that the schedule was clearly not the reason they didn’t meet. Now, royal biographer Tom Quinn says: “When he returns and avoids his family, he receives negative publicity; if he remains in his mansion in California, he still gets negative publicity.” “And with his father and sister-in-law both battling cancer, he just can’t win – unless he makes a real effort to visit them, which he just can’t bring himself to do,” Tom added to The Mirror. “It’s not a favorable image. Harry and Meghan, who epitomize youthful, physical health, are so entrenched in their feud with Harry’s family that even serious illness cannot push the couple to forgive and forget,” he concluded.

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