Prince Harry struggling in ‘unfriendly’ US as Meghan continues to thrive

Prince Harry’s fate in the US totally depends on the 2024 presidential elections.According to royal expert Tom Quinn, the Duke of Sussex is already struggling in the “unfriendly” country with “no practical skills.””However big your garden and Harry and Meghan’s garden at Montecito is enormous there’s only so much you can do when you have no practical skills and you have always paid people to cook, clean and garden for you,” he said, according to OK!Tom added, “Harry has never done any of these practical things, so after he’s taken the dog for a walk in the morning, he finds the day long and lonely,” he said.Meghan tries her best to support Harry but the truth of the matter is that she’s in her “natural environment,” says the expert.”Meghan does her best to support Harry, but she is in her natural environment and he is in a strange unfamiliar world which grows increasingly unfriendly,” Tom shared.He also added that in case Trump gets elected, the couple’s future in the US will be in danger.“Trump has insisted that if Harry is found to have lied on his visa application about his admitted drug taking, he could be asked to leave the country,” Tom noted.

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