Prince Harry ‘special gift’ for Meghan Markle on wedding anniversary revealed

There’s buzz around the loving gesture Prince Harry has planned for Meghan Markle for their anniversary.

As the couple marked their 6th year of marriage, it was rumored that Prince Harry would charm his bride, the former actress of ‘Suits’, with a stunning piece of jewelry.

Royal commentator Ingrid Seward speculates: “I’m quite sure he will surprise her with a new piece of jewelry.”

Ingrid elaborated: “It’s their sixth, which symbolizes iron. But what iron gift could he possibly present her with? An iron skillet, perhaps?”

“He might opt for a delicate ring instead — she’s quite fond of rings. Perhaps he’ll also pair it with some exquisite flowers like he has in the past,” she said.

She added: “Given all the speculation about their union’s strength, I suspect she’ll place importance on this celebration. 

“They likely won’t share their plans with the public, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they exchanged special romantic tokens in the privacy of their home.

Seward observed: “Harry is profoundly in love with Meghan. 

“Regardless of any criticism, his affection for her is undeniable, and I believe he would go to great lengths to make her smile.”

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