Prince Harry ‘slapped down’ as King Charles makes ‘flimsy excuses’ to ignore him

Prince Harry faces rejection as King Charles employs tenuous reasons for their lack of communication.

The relationship between King Charles and his younger son Prince Harry appears strained, with apparent displeasure stemming from the latter’s actions.

The 75-year-old sovereign is reportedly disheartened by the Duke of Sussex’s inability to recognize the negative impacts of his actions and learn from past errors.

Royal commentator Tom Quinn shared insights with Mirror: “There’s a palpable sense of frustration from King Charles towards his son’s inability to comprehend the family rift he has exacerbated.

“Harry is clear that his father’s somewhat insubstantial reasons for not meeting with him are transparent to all.”

Quinn further remarked: “The harsh judgments Harry has expressed about his father and his older sibling were bound to lead to a reprimand, and that moment has arrived.”

Doubling down on his previous comments, Quinn emphasizes: “The pattern of criticism from Harry towards his family only serves to drive a deeper wedge between them, and yet, he seemingly expects that these criticisms will result in his father and brother seeking reconciliation.”

In his final thoughts, Quinn notes: “It is an indication of Harry’s simplistic outlook that he believes his reproachful words would lead to an apologetic response from his kin.”

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