Prince Harry ‘manipulated’ public by spinning King Charles UK snub story

Prince Harry Accused of Misleading the Public Over a Purported Rebuff from King Charles

The recent narrative suggesting King Charles turned away Prince Harry during his visit to the UK has come under scrutiny, as reports emerge that the prince may have twisted the tale to gain public empathy.

Per insights from Sunday Times royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah, Prince Harry sought his father’s permission to lodge at the Palace while in the UK for the Invictus Games service.

Nikkah revealed that King Charles not only consented but was also pleased by the prospect of having his ‘beloved son’ close, with expectations to rendezvous multiple times. In contradiction to this, an official communication from Harry’s camp later proclaimed that his father’s packed schedule made a meeting unattainable.

Digging deeper into the facts, Nikkhah expressed her findings on The Royals podcast: Harry was welcomed by his father to stay at the Palace to facilitate easier encounters despite their busy timetables. Yet, the statement released by Harry painted a different picture, suggesting King Charles was too occupied to spend time with his son.

Nikkah further commented, “The initial claim that Harry could not see his father due to the King’s busy agenda seemed off. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the King had indeed invited Harry to stay at a royal residence, simplifying plans for them to meet.”

Kate Mansey, assistant editor at The Times, noted that the King felt ‘wounded’ by the public statement from Harry, which only contributed to the misunderstanding of the situation.

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