Prince Harry leaves pals in sad shock over what its come to

Royal Friendship Faces Troubling Times: Prince Harry Unable to Attend Dear Friend’s Wedding

A wave of concern and dismay has swept through Prince Harry’s circle of friends as a result of his recent decisions, including missing a significant social event.

The social affair causing the stir is the union of Hugh Grosvenor and Olivia Henson, which is to be celebrated at Chester Cathedral.

The ceremony, scheduled for June 7th, 2024, includes the Prince of Wales serving an important role as an usher.

A source close to the situation has come forward to express their disappointment, describing the Prince’s absence as ‘sad’.

The source lamented, “It’s really unfortunate because Hugh and Harry used to be quite close. This absence has come as a surprise to many.”

Highlighting their friendship, the source added, “Harry was a guest at Hugh’s 21st birthday festivities and they even shared adventures travelling in Africa together.”

They noted, “Harry and Hugh have a more similar age gap compared to the one between William and Hugh, which is about eight or nine years. They shared more common moments during their youth.”

Overall, the insider concluded, “Given their past and the shared experiences during their formative years, the news of Harry not attending the wedding is quite unexpected and deeply sad.”

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