Prince Harry branded ‘unsuccessful as a man’ on wedding anniversary

As Prince Harry marked his sixth wedding anniversary with Meghan Markle, he faced mockery and accusations of naiveté.

Critiques label the Duke of Sussex a disappointment, suggesting he’s fallen short in his duties as a man following his departure from royal life.

Commentator Ingrid Seward shared with The Sun her view that the public’s affection for the couple waned due to their grievances. “At first, their love was irresistible, but that changed when they left. They no longer seemed important. In leaving, they disappointed the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, and the public,” Seward remarked.

“Harry appears to embrace his life in California with his family, yet seems to harbor resentment towards his past life, including his brother, father, and sister-in-law, Kate,” she continued.

“Harry may have found financial success, but that doesn’t define his success as a man,” Seward opined, suggesting a mismatch between his monetary achievements and his personal ones.

She acknowledged Harry’s proficiency as a spouse, yet called his role as a son into question.

“Harry excels as a husband and father, and as he and Meghan celebrate their anniversary, they’ll likely commend their own perseverance,” Seward said, noting that despite expectations to the contrary, their marriage has endured.

“Once celebrated in the UK, Harry now evokes sympathy rather than the previous admiration,” she concluded.

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