‘Needy’ Prince Harry kept holding Meghan hand until she lift it

Prince Harry Exhibits Strong Attachment to Meghan During Event

At a recent cultural event, Prince Harry appeared to rely heavily on Meghan Markle’s presence for reassurance.

During their recent journey to Nigeria for cultural exchanges, the Duke of Sussex was observed continuously seeking Meghan’s hand, showing a high level of attachment.

An exclusive analysis provided to The Mirror by body language expert Judi James reveals that Harry seemed to exhibit signs of neediness. He was seen persistently holding Meghan’s hand and only releasing it when she prompted him to, only to seek her touch again immediately. According to Judi, Harry’s actions displayed his deep need to express his affection and solidarity with Meghan amidst their royal duties overseas.

Judi noted that while Meghan acknowledged their host with a gesture of thanks, Harry was quick to offer his own form of support by caressing her arm. He then escalated the public display of affection by tenderly kissing her on the head.

She elaborated on the interaction, pointing out that Harry’s kiss, while impromptu and endearing, seemed to underline his agreement with the host’s praises of Meghan’s attractiveness and persona.

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