Meghan Markle worried Archie will want his royal connections back

Concerns Arise Over Archie’s Curiosity About His Royal Heritage

It seems that Meghan Markle is hesitant to nurture a desire within Prince Archie to reconnect with his British roots, despite his and Prince Harry’s eagerness to do so.

Sources like royal commentator Tom Quinn suggest that Prince Harry is “eager to return to the UK” and bring along his son, who’s enchanted by the idea of his grandfather residing in a castle.

However, these dreams of an idyllic life among royalty are becoming an increasingly distant hope, one that Meghan worries might breed resentment from Archie towards her as he grows older, as shared by the media.

Meghan Markle is growing increasingly concerned about Archie’s fascination with his royal ties

In their current home in Montecito, Los Angeles, young Archie is raised alongside his younger sister, Princess Lilibet, away from the royal environment by parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Quinn’s commentary includes, “Archie is captivated by the thought of his grandfather owning a castle, and Meghan fears that receiving a grand gift like a luxurious shepherd’s hut might further fuel Archie’s interest in his regal background.”

Intent on keeping her son grounded, Meghan reportedly urges Harry to encourage the senior royals to give Archie modest gifts, avoiding further inflaming the young boy’s royal fascination.

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