Meghan Markle takes major decision to help save ‘monarchy’

Meghan Markle makes significant choice to assist in preserving ‘monarchy’

Meghan Markle is contemplating her third child with Prince Harry with the purpose of aiding the monarchy after King Charles and Prince William had to cancel public engagements. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, aspires to safeguard the monarchy as the Royal family struggles to handle matters in the absence of Kate Middleton. In an interview with Closer Magazine, a source disclosed that despite Meghan not communicating with any Royal family members, she is still prepared to rescue the royals from “one of its darkest eras.”They mentioned that Harry, the Duke of Sussex, was initially reluctant about having more offspring, considering the chaos within the royal family.However, Meghan managed to persuade him that adding a sibling for Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet could also fortify their own marriage. “Harry was initially resistant given the significant unrest with his father and Kate’s health issues, but he’s now open to the idea, believing it might provide the family with the uplift it urgently requires,” the source revealed.“And Meghan is particularly pleased to be regarded as saving the monarchy during one of its darkest periods,” the royal source added.

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