Meghan Markle ‘symbolic’ outfit choice on Mother’s Day unveiled

During Mother’s Day, Meghan Markle artfully restyled a cherished piece from her wardrobe.

The Duchess of Sussex chose to don her vibrant yellow attire, a piece previously showcased in the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan, while on a trip to Nigeria.

Discussing Meghan’s fashion decision, Public Relations specialist Brenda Christensen remarked: “Her decision to wear this particular yellow dress on Mother’s Day carried significant meaning.”

Christensen elaborated, “It’s noteworthy that this dress has been a part of other pivotal personal celebrations.” She referenced notable occasions such as Archie’s inaugural birthday and the disclosure of her second pregnancy with Lillibet. “It’s an homage to the essence of motherhood,” she noted.

Expounding further, Christensen mentioned: “Growing up in Los Angeles where her mother taught yoga, Meghan’s sense of spirituality is profound.” She pointed out: “The choice of the color yellow, imbued with connotations of delight and happiness, resonates with deep spiritual import.”

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