Malcolm McDowell reflects on reuniting with ex Mary Steenburgen after 3 decades

Malcolm McDowell and his ex-wife Mary Steenburgen are gearing up to reunite on the big screen.The 81-year-old actor and the 71-year-old actress will reunite after almost 30 years and for the first time since their last film together Cross Creek was released in 1983.It is pertinent to mention that McDowell and Steenburgen tied the knot in September 1980 but parted their ways after 10 years of marriage in 1990.During a recent interview with People magazine, McDowell revealed that while filming with Steenburgen he felt completely comfortable.He told the outlet, “I didn’t really know how it would be, but from the first moment we started rehearsing it was like putting on a pair of comfortable slippers.”McDowell explained, “I just say that with a certain amount of reverence that our chemistry was where it was way back in the day when we did Time After Time all those years ago, which was a wonderful experience for both of us.””We both kind of fell in love on that film, but we’re both now with other partners and very happy, Just the working experience was so comfortable and so ‘I’ve got your back,’ that kind of thing. Whatever you want to do, try,” he added.For those unversed, McDowell later married Kelly Kuhr in 1991 while Steenburgen tied th to Ted Danson in 1995.

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