Lenny Kravitz tells Gayle King about his insecurities: “I still have these moments”

Lenny Kravitz discusses his journey of self-acceptance

Acclaimed musician Lenny Kravitz opened up about his journey toward authenticity and the challenges he faces along the way, explaining that even someone as successful as he is can experience self-doubt.

“There are still those times when I question myself — people assume, ‘He’s got everything figured out. He’s always sure of his choices,'” Kravitz told Gayle King during an interview on “CBS Mornings.” “While that’s partly true, everyone has doubts.”

With his first album “Let Love Rule” released over 30 years ago, Kravitz admits that despite his longevity in the industry, there are moments he feels as if he’s the same teenager trying to land his first record deal.

“There are times I’m not entirely certain of my path. It’s like I’m that 16-year-old again, seeking that initial opportunity,” Kravitz shared with King. “Some of that young uncertainty has stayed with me.”

Emulating his family’s work ethic, Kravitz expressed how beginning his independent journey at a young age laid the foundation for his relentless drive.

“It’s like a part of me continually wonders, ‘Am I achieving enough?'” Kravitz said.

Musician Lenny Kravitz being interviewed by Gayle King.
Music icon Lenny Kravitz in conversation with “CBS Mornings” co-anchor Gayle King in New York.
CBS Mornings

Don’t miss more of Gayle King’s conversation with Lenny Kravitz on “CBS Mornings” this Thursday, May 23. Kravitz dives into his musical journey, his upcoming album “Blue Electric Light,” due out Friday, May 24, and much more.

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