Lenny Kravitz says he’s open to finding love: “I’ve never felt how I feel now”

Lenny Kravitz expresses a rejuvenated zest for life and an openness to embark on fresh adventures.

“It seems I don’t have much choice,” Kravitz shared with a light-hearted tone in a conversation with “CBS Mornings” co-anchor Gayle King. His 60th birthday celebrations are approaching on May 26.

In the midst of discussing his iconic 1989 track “Let Love Rule,” King posed a question about whether love is currently steering his life. She was curious to know if Kravitz had a significant other or if he was in the pursuit of one.

“It’s challenging not to search when there’s something you long for, but at this moment, I’m simply receptive to what comes my way,” Kravitz confessed to King.

“I’ve found that when you cease the search, that’s often when you stumble upon it,” he explained. “For some time, I’ve maintained, ‘I’m set, I’m set, I’m set.’ Yet, I wasn’t truly prepared. Even though I believed I was,” he reflected.

Does this mean the Grammy-awarded star is now ready for love?

“What I can affirm is that I’ve never before experienced the emotions I have now,” Kravitz affirmed.

In the interview, Kravitz discusses his upcoming project “Blue Electric Light” and opens up about some personal doubts he has, which includes overcoming his tendency to always want to please others.

“My upbringing, not intentionally, nudged me towards becoming a provider of joy for people at the expense of my own feelings. It’s all about ensuring everyone else is pleased, but this isn’t always beneficial, particularly when taken to an extreme,” Kravitz recounted.

Recent times have seen Kravitz investing more in self-care and setting personal boundaries.

“Growing in this practice of assertion, of sometimes saying no when it’s required, has been my focus. My daughter has been my teacher in this regard,” Kravitz revealed. “She masters the art of setting boundaries, which are crucial for well-being. Unlike our generation, the new one doesn’t entertain unnecessary distractions,” he observed.

To engage more with Lenny Kravitz’s insights shared with “CBS Mornings” co-anchor Gayle King, view the complete video below.

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