Lainey Wilson receives Grand Ole Opry induction on ‘The Voice’ finale

Country star Lainey Wilson ecstatic as she is inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on ‘The Voice’ show finale

The country singer Lainey Wilson has achieved the esteemed status of being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, with Reba McEntire delivering the exciting news.

In an emotional moment on the season finale of The Voice, aired on Tuesday, May 21, the 32-year-old singer-songwriter received the sought-after distinction from 69-year-old music icon and Voice coach.

Reba McEntire showered Wilson with praise for her artistry before revealing her ascension into the revered circle of country music legends.

“Lainey, you have done yourself proud. Wonderful performance. Knowing that you’ve been inspired by me means the world, and if I’ve played even a small role in what you’ve achieved in your explosive career, that fills me with joy,” said McEntire as she took the stage.

“Your shining moment at the ACMs filled me with pride, and it gives me great pleasure to be the one to pass the torch and invite you into our family. I am honored to extend to you the invitation to become a bona fide member of the Grand Ole Opry,” she declared.

Overwhelmed with excitement, Lainey Wilson responded with an emotional hug, saying, “Holy moly!” She jubilantly referred to the induction as “the ultimate birthday present,” following her May 19th birthday celebration

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