King Charles would meet Prince Harry only if he comes to UK ‘quietly’

Royal expert suggests King Charles has prerequisites for a potential meeting with Prince Harry

Meeting between King Charles and Prince Harry contingent upon a low-profile UK visit

King Charles III is open to the possibility of a reunion with his “dear son” Prince Harry, provided the visit is organized ahead of time and conducted without fanfare in the UK.

The King had previously declined an impromptu meeting when Harry was in the country, with a representative for the Duke citing the King’s “busy schedule” as the reason for this decision.

In light of questions about a potential reconciliation, royal analyst Richard Fitzwilliams conveyed to The Mirror that such an encounter might occur on the King’s terms.

“The chasm that now divides the Royal Family is both vast and highly visible. Their recurrent criticisms are a significant cause of this division,” he explained.

Fitzwilliams then commented on Harry and Meghan’s informal visit to Nigeria, remarking, “Were they to commend the Commonwealth during their stay in Nigeria, a Commonwealth nation, rather than offering critique as they did in the ‘Harry and Meghan’ Netflix series, it could favor the mending of familial ties.”

“Such an act would honor Queen Elizabeth’s enduring legacy. Additionally, the King probably didn’t welcome Harry’s ‘Good Morning America’ interview following their February discussion, a time which coincided with the revelation of the King’s health condition and Harry’s comments on familial harmony.

“Should Harry opt for a discreet entry into Britain and schedule a meeting in advance, his father would undoubtedly be willing to meet with him.

“Nonetheless, reestablishing trust within the royal circle is bound to be an arduous and prolonged journey. It’s a grave consideration that it may ultimately prove to be unattainable.”

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