Kate Middleton’s cancer turning her more inward

Kate Middleton’s Illness Making Her More Reclusive

Experts are worried that Kate Middleton’s group of friends and confidants has been shrinking each day since she was diagnosed with cancer. According to information from GB News, the future queen of England has been leaning on her parents, Carole and James Middleton, as well as her sister Pippa. A report by the Daily Beast reveals, “The circle of trust is minimal. She has been encircled by Carole and Michael, and (sister) Pippa and (brother) James have naturally been present for her too.”The report continues, “They are a very close-knit family, and Catherine feels entirely secure in depending on them. They have supported her for years and never disappointed her.”Even some anonymous friends have come forward to emphasize that the priority is to prevent any “stress or anxiety” from affecting Kate. For those unaware, she is currently living at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.According to this friend, “The essential thing for her now is to avoid any form of stress or anxiety and to focus on the process of recovery.”

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