Kate Middleton branded ‘perfect Princess’ unlike Meghan Markle

People are celebrating Kate Middleton for her seamless adaptation to Royal customs, a contrast to Meghan Markle’s experiences.

The Princess of Wales, who became Prince William’s bride in 2011, has been commended for wholeheartedly embracing her role within the Royal Family, in stark contrast to Meghan who encountered difficulties performing a curtsy before Queen Elizabeth II.

In the Netflix documentary series “Harry and Meghan,” the Duchess of Sussex detailed her immersion into Royal protocols.

Meghan recalled a telling moment: “We were driving along, when Harry suddenly asked me if I knew how to curtsy. I initially thought he was kidding.” She elaborated: “It dawned on me then just how serious this was. It’s something Americans can relate to, sort of like attending a Medieval Times show. I curtsied as if I were acting in a play, greeting her Majesty with great theatrics.”

After Meghan released a video that appeared to mock Royal traditions, the internet saw an outpouring of praise for Kate’s composure and elegance.

A TikTok user commended: “Kate mastered the art of being the perfect princess with such finesse; truly a class apart.” Another commented: “She is the epitome of grace. Hoping she recovers swiftly.”

Prince William and his wife Kate are doting parents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The university sweethearts were married in a grand ceremony at Westminster Abbey in 2011. Following Queen Elizabeth II’s passing in September 2023, the couple was granted the distinguished titles of Prince and Princess of Wales.

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