Kate Hudson talks about decision to marry Chris Robinson

Kate Hudson discusses her marriage to Chris Robinson as a positive life choice

Kate Hudson openly reflects on her marriage to rock artist Chris Robinson with no sense of regret.

Appearing on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the Hollywood actress, aged 45, shared that tying the knot with Chris was the right decision.

“My loved ones allow for mistakes. And marrying Chris – definitely not a mistake,” she declared.

As the beloved Almost Famous lead, Kate remarked, “Looking back on everything, I feel like my choices might’ve been pretty solid, you know?”

“We often believe there’s only one proper way to live our lives, which I get because the importance of family unity is something I strongly stand by. It’s something, I believe, that’s lacking presently,” she elaborated.

“However, I am of the opinion that a family can be formed in ways that diverge from the traditional religious model of marriage and the dynamics between a man and a woman,” she expounded.

For those unfamiliar, Kate and Chris were a married couple from the year 2000 until their separation in 2007, and together they parent their son Ryder.

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